Dining Room Progress

So far I’ve shared progress reports on the living room (but it’s outdated – look for an update soon), guest bedroom, the outside, and the kitchen.  But there’s a very important room in between those that I haven’t shared at all – the dining room.  As you saw in my recent post, we’ve made a lot of progress in our dining room!  Here’s where we started (break out the eerie music!).

Here is the view looking into the living room:

Here is the view looking toward the kitchen.  As you can see, this is the beginning stages of the wallpaper removal.  It had to get worse first, right?

This is apparently the location of an old whiteboard… maybe the kids didn’t know the whiteboard was gone!?  It took quite a few coats (like 6 or 7) of primer to cover this up.  The face on the left is actually a hole in the plaster that was fixed with glue.  We had to cut it out and replace it with some drywall… the right way :)

Here’s what it looked like after we tore up the old carpet, but before the floor was refinished.

Here’s a similar view right after we finished the floors.  We managed to get most of the dark stains out!

And here’s the dining room right after moving in (what a mess!) and replacing the broken door.  We still have yet to trim the new sliding door.

And finally… the current progress of our dining room.  I’m quite happy with how it’s turning out.

A few things to point out:

  • The rug isn’t staying.  It’s just temporary to protect the floors and give our cat some comfort until we find a new rug.
  • The dresser-turned-buffet is going to get repainted!
  • I stenciled an old box with our anniversary date (inspired by this pin).
  • I found the lampshade in the trash and recovered it (with information from this pin).
  • The flowers were from my hubby for my birthday :)
  • The gallery wall is something I’ve been dreaming about for a while.  I’m sure I’ll add to it as time goes.  Most of the paintings and frames were found at garage sales or at goodwill.  The top painting was done by me in college, and the frame was another birthday present a few years ago.  The cross stitch is a family piece.  Nothing was purchased new!
  • The items on the buffet have been collected… some from garage sales, some as presents… and again, nothing bought new :)

Stay tuned for some additional house updates and new projects!

  • Tammy Demoreuille
    Posted at 12:28h, 02 November Reply

    You guys are doing an awesome job!! I love seeing the before and after pics. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Anita
    Posted at 13:40h, 02 November Reply

    It’s beautiful Erin! I love the way you decorate…your home is lovely!

  • weberlifedesign
    Posted at 14:46h, 02 November Reply

    congratulations on your progress. it looks beautiful!

  • Megan
    Posted at 14:59h, 02 November Reply

    Looks wonderful!! So much better then it was for sure. You can see all the hard work you put into it. I really love the light fixture!

  • Cindi @ Rustique Art
    Posted at 18:47h, 02 November Reply

    It’s so warm and cozy. I love the dresser the way it is…just so ya know. That little box on the table is dreamy. Wanna try that with our wedding date. Very sweet cottage. love it. (i know it’s a house but it has that cottage feel)

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