I Spy…

Remember my recent posts where we’ve taken out our bushes?  Well, here are the first two pictures again…

Before any of the bushes were taken out:

Again after the first bush was taken out

And then I showed you another picture with the bush gone.  But … I took it with a different lens.  And it bothered me, because the house wasn’t in the same perspective.  So I retook a picture today, trying to crop the house exactly the same as I did above.

Notice anything else different besides the bush disappearing, which you’ve already seen!?

I love seeing the progression of work we’ve done so far this spring.  It’s so gratifying to look at the changes!  If you noticed A.) the black shutters, B.) the hanging ferns, and C.) the potted urns, then congrats – you spotted them all.  I’d be pretty impressed if you noticed everything!

We took down our existing shutters, which turned out to be plastic (wop-wop), and spray painted them black.  I used Rustoleum glossy black lacquer on them, and here’s hoping they hold up to the weather!  Obviously the last paint used on the shutters didn’t fare so well, since you can see it “dripping” down the front of the house (anyone know how to fix that!?).  So I’m hopeful that the black will stick a little better!  Or maybe if it doesn’t, it’ll just cover up the white stains… hmm… :)

Just as a flashback, here’s a comparison of where we started when we bought the house to today.

I also potted my urns this week – they were looong overdue.  I got all of my flowers at Harbison’s nursery in Natrona Heights, if you’re in the area.  They’re super nice and have great quality, even if they are on the more expensive side.  There are two urns – if you look closely above, you can see the second urn on the left, partially hidden by the railing.  I’m still considering other placement options, and I’m open to suggestions!

As for the ferns, I purchased them at Lowe’s for $8.88 each.  New coconut liners for my hanging baskets, and we were good to go!

I’m loving all this nice weather – it makes it so enjoyable to work outside!

  • Anita
    Posted at 15:52h, 08 June Reply

    You painted the shutters! and your flower beds look amazing! Beautiful. I hope you enjoy your summer! God bless.

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