Living Room Decorations

Over time, our living room decorations have changed a bit, and I figured enough changes have happened now to update the blog.

The mantel is ever changing as I find new things I want to display.

For instance, just today at a garage sale, I was fortunate to find an original painting, painted by the owner’s grandmother in the 70s!  I knew the colors would work and I loved the painting, so it found a good home on our mantel for only $2.

Another painting has also found it’s way above our couch… but this one was painted by me, and is still waiting on a frame.  (And of course I noticed AFTER I took the picture that it’s hanging slightly crooked.)

A couple of the pillows on the couch are new, too – I found the far left pillow just yesterday on clearance at HomeGoods.  The next pillow over I made out of vintage barkcloth I found up the street from us at a flea market.  The tiny pillow was a garage sale purchase.  And I made the far right pillow a while ago.

The yellow stand below was a free garbage find down the street.  The accessories on the table were either gifts or garage sale finds.

To match the barkcloth pillow, I made the ottoman.  I’d been itching to try using a big electrical spool as an ottoman, so after checking during our many trips to Lowe’s, I finally found one – they will give them to you for free!  (Are you noticing a theme, yet?  Free, free, cheap, cheap!)  I loosely followed the instructions I linked to above, but honestly I just made it up.  I got the idea and the basics from Design*Sponge, but just went with what worked for me!  To do the tufting, I followed (again, loosely) a tutorial I found here.

And to wrap this up, my favorite: the before-after shot!


  • Alison
    Posted at 14:55h, 15 June Reply

    Love love love! :) Great job on the bike painting :) I need to commission you for something in our living room! :)

  • Cindi@Rustique Art
    Posted at 18:37h, 15 June Reply

    I love the front room. So bright and cheery. I wasn’t aware that you painted, you are a very talented artist. My favorite part of this post is the little stripped buttons and trim on the ottoman. what a cute idea, they make the piece very special.

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