Fusion - One Click Color & Creamsicle

A Comparison

Fusion vs. Inspire – for those of you who have no idea what that means, feel free to skip this post entirely!

In my opinion (only playing with Inspire for a few days), inspire has more actions, but they do less to the photo – each action is more subtle. So I think I will end up stacking more actions together. This is nice because it means there are innumerable combinations of things you can do. For instance, there are “looks” that are similar to the actions in Fusion, but then there are also “moods” that allow you to fine tune your edit with color overlays, toning, etc.

Each action in Fusion seems to do more to the photo, so I would typically only use one action at the default opacity to achieve the look I wanted. This is a little more restrictive, but you run fewer actions in the end.

In the end, I prefer Inspire, and will probably use it more than Fusion. I think fusion was a great way for me to start, though, and I’m not sad at all that I purchased it (a few years ago).

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