(note - red chair has been relocated!)

Family Room Update

We sometimes call this room “the office”, but really, it’s the family room.  I guess in the beginning, we had intentions of it being an office.  But then we got a free couch from my cousin.  And a tv from my in-laws.  It quickly became one the rooms where we spend the most time, so it was due for a little upgrade.  Clara learning to crawl prompted a new rug.  Then we decided it was time for the well-worn and well-loved freebie couch to be replaced (it had served us well!).  As always, there are a few things left to do, the least of which is to paint a huge patch in the wall leftover from our bathroom renovations (final reveal for that room coming as soon as the trim is painted – waiting for warmer weather!).  The closet-turned-craft area is still a work in progress.  The dresser has seen better days and is due for a coat of paint and new hardware.  But this is a much improved room from how it was last shown here on the blog!

Here’s the room we started with – pink everything.

Before we moved in, this was one of the rooms that got a refinished floor.  This was actually the room that took the longest by far – someone had refinished the floors before us, and used some super thick poly on it that was extremely difficult to get off.  There were little dips and pits all over the floor that were a huge pain!  But we got it looking much better – not perfect, but much better.

Below is the angle that shows the parts of the room that are actually finished :)  This is the angle you see first when you walk in.  The red chair is also an eyesore for now.  We’d like to either have it reupholstered or I might try to reupholster it myself.  We’ll see how that goes!

Next you can see some areas we still need to finish.  That big wall patch isn’t too noticeable, right!?  On the blank wall space to the left, we plan on hanging some artwork.  Just working on getting a frame for it, first.

Some of Clara’s favorite toys – this is her play area, after all!

The rug was purchased came from One Kings Lane.  The couch was purchased from Sheely’s in Ohio – the brand is Smith Brothers.  Even though we’ve only had it a day, we LOVE it so far.  It’s extremely comfortable and absolutely beautiful.  If you look closely, you can see a slight herringbone pattern in the texture of the fabric.  I’m absolutely in love with it!  It’s actually a sectional – the chaise part is separate from the loveseat.  It also came with the 2 gold pillows and 2 extra brown pillows on the floor.

Below is the sad dresser in need of some love.  Hopefully that’ll happen as soon as the weather gets warmer.  We purchased a paint sprayer a while back that is just begging to be used on this!  I’m still not sure what color I’ll choose, though.  Any suggestions?

So there you have it – a functional and much prettier space than before.  Not finished, but much improved!


  • Beverly
    Posted at 22:17h, 04 March Reply

    Beautiful ! Very. Impressive what you have done.

  • Anita
    Posted at 06:02h, 05 March Reply

    It’s lovely Erin! Your house looks so beautiful…you’ve done an amazing job.

  • Michelle
    Posted at 13:19h, 05 March Reply

    So inviting!! Can’t wait to see it in person a couple weeks!

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