Our house was built in the 1950s, and has 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. We bought it in April, 2011, and it was a foreclosure. It basically had been very neglected for a few years prior to that, but it was a very sturdy and well built house. The house has a lot of “retro charm” that we’ll be embracing as we update and renovate our home.  After working on the house for a few months, we were able to move in on Friday, June 17, 2011.  Although we have made a lot of progress in the few years we’ve owned the house, there is still much to do!

When we bought our house, it was pretty drab looking, inside and out!

Exterior: before

Our house before doing anything (except some welcome home decorations!)

The back of the house.

Exterior: after

We’ve since added a new roof, gutters, siding, and skylights.  We installed a new sliding door on the back, and will be adding a porch this spring.  We’ve also done a lot of landscaping, including a new front sidewalk.  We still need to update the porch, driveway, and the sidewalk that wraps around the house.  Very soon we’ll be adding new windows as well!

Front of the house


Living Room + Dining Room: before

When you first walk into the house, you enter into the living room and you can see straight ahead to the dining room.

Setting up shop in the living room.


Looking into the living room from the dining room.


Living Room + Dining Room: after

In these rooms, we’ve ripped up the carpet, refinished the hard wood floors, removed wallpaper, patched holes, and painted (a lot).  We’re mostly done in these rooms, but the front door still needs some work, as do the exposed floor beams leading to the second floor landing.



Dining room - new sliding door is to the left.

Kitchen: before

Off of the dining room is the kitchen.  We’re only done with “phase 1” of this room, which mostly involved a LOT of painting, and some new appliances.  Phase 2 will be a complete gut remodel of the room.



Kitchen: for now…




First Floor Bath: before

Also on the first floor are two bedrooms and one full bathroom.  We’re using one bedroom as Clara’s “big girl” room, and the other is our family room.

First floor bathroom.

First floor bathroom shower - obviously something happened here... we don't know what.

First Floor Bath: after


Family Room: before

The family room’s biggest issue was just color!  We refinished the floors, painted, and changed the ceiling fan.

One of two bedrooms on the 1st floor - we use this one as a family room. You can see we had started to paint the trim!

Family Room: after


Upstairs: before

As we move upstairs, there’s less that’s completely finished.  The hallway is mostly unchanged, although we have painted (no photos yet, sorry!).  Upstairs we find two bedrooms and another full bathroom.



Master Bedroom: before

This is the master bedroom, which is a fairly large room with two closets (yay!).  We haven’t dealt with the floors yet, but we have repainted and replaced the light fixture.IMG_0181-wIMG_0182_edited-1-w

Master Bedroom: after


Nursery: before

Here’s the nursery – probably the least “offensive” space in the house :)IMG_0176_before-w

Nursery: after


Upstairs Bath: before

The bathroom is the final space to share from upstairs.  The original layout could easily win “worst ever”.  The bathtub/shower was right in the middle of the already long and narrow bathroom.  We’ve made some major changes in here – nothing is in the same location as it was originally.  Well, except the door.

2nd floor bathroom - we haven't even started on this one yet!

2nd floor bathroom – we haven’t even started on this one yet!


It’s mid-renovation right now, so final images to come soon!


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